Who We Are


One Spirit~One Call is a response to the Spirit moving in the Catholic Church today. We are women who embrace the vision of a Church that truly honors the gifts of all its members. We are not leaving; we choose to remain in the Church, working to see our vision realized.






















One Spirit~One Call works to promote justice for all women in the Catholic Church and to achieve systemic reform within the Church, through a ministry of support, education and empowerment.






  •     The Church is the whole people of God: lay women and men, clergy, and hierarchy together.
  •     Women are children of God through creation and baptism and are equal to men.
  •     In spite of societal progress, women are still excluded from major governance roles in the Church.
  •     The Church must reclaim the reforms established by Vatican II and restore its teachings.






    Educate women in the history of the Catholic Church and their roles in the Church.

    Increase awareness among women and men of the longstanding injustices to women in the Church.

    Ensure that the untapped potential of women is fostered and embraced in the Church.

    Provide strong role models for Catholic girls and young women.

    Give Catholic women a forum to express their stories, ideas and goals.






  •     Sponsor events to educate, provide support, and empower women in the Church.
  •     Determine further actions based on the needs and interests of grassroots participants.




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