We asked the women of OSOC: What should be our next steps?


In February 2014 OSOC conducted a survey to help determine our future course. Heartfelt thanks to all who responded! More than seventy of you—around ten percent of our email list—returned the questionnaire with important feedback needed for us to move forward.


The consensus of responders is that One Spirit~One Call should continue in a dormant state, calling on all OSOC associates to carry on the work of our mission, poised to respond to issues that may arise within the church.


  •     We will hold one annual celebration of women in the church, so that OSOC women can continue our connection with other Catholic women and parishes.
  •     The website will be fully maintained as will our mailing list of 700+ women and men connected to our mission.
  •     One Spirit~One Call will continue with committed leadership. However, our organizational structure will be less formal—an active cadre of women in the church, as in the early days of One Spirit~One Call.


To continue, One Spirit~One Call needs your active support. Participation in promoting our mission is the challenge for all. Planning and organizing an annual celebration will require the involvement of many committed associates. Financial contributions will be needed in order to maintain our website, provide a venue and speakers for the celebration, and cover the general costs of business operations. We invite you to continue your commitment.



In the spirit of our mission—“One Spirit~One Call works to promote justice for all women in the Catholic Church and to achieve systemic reform within the Church, through a ministry of support, education and empowerment”—OSOC calls you to reach out to connect and create solidarity among all women in the Catholic Church. We are one spirit.


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