Statements of Support



Kathleen Stupfel, SNJM


I support One Spirit~One Call because the Age of Women is now emerging. It is the time when women in solidarity raise their hearts and voices in praise and thanksgiving for what has been, and dream and plan for what will be. It is the age when women are called to use their gifts to renew the Church, the world and all of Creation. This will happen when women who have suffered, who have prayed and who have played are able to take their rightful places in the Universe.


Paula Hamilton, Executive Director, Sanctuary for Sacred Arts


Women hold up half the sky and make up more than half of the Catholic Church.  One Spirit~One Call supports women by providing educational support, enabling them to become leaders in the Church, and encouraging women to work with their pastors and bishops to bring about much needed reforms and justice for women in the Church they love.


Rev. Leo Remington


A potent sign of a vibrant and Spirit-filled Church is the involvement of its ordinary members, the women and men in the pews.  One Spirit-One Call is an encouraging sign of commitment and enthusiasm for the present and future dynamism of the Catholic Church.  Vatican II taught us that the collegial communion and ministry of all members of the Church is a primary source of power and renewal for the Church, the People of God.  May God continue to bless One Spirit-One Call, and send forth the Holy Spirit with all her blessings on you.


Rev. J. Mosbrucker


In the Gospels, we hear Jesus treat women with respect and equality. Paul continues this attitude toward women, especially in the phrase "there is no longer male or female...". It is time for the Church to reclaim this Gospel message. One Spirit-One Call is an opportunity to begin the dialogue to reclaim this status for women in the Church.


Rev. Robert W. Krueger


Women have the human right, also a right recognized in Catholic Church law, to express the pain of the inequality they experience in the church and their opinions for change to their bishops and other Christian faithful. One Spirit~One Call is an opportunity for women to make this expression clearly and strongly.


Edwina Gateley


To the women of the Northwest gathering in solidarity with Jennifer Sleeman and the women in Ireland -  Ladies - It is time!!   We have served, supported and loved this church of ours all our lives. But we, as women, have never been treated with equality or dignity by our church leadership.  This is contrary to the message of Jesus and to the Gospel.  We can no longer participate in our own diminishment nor support and serve an unjust and sinful institution.  Today we stand in faithful protest and call upon all those in authority in our church to repent the sins of discrimination and inequality -- in the name of Jesus. May God re-build this broken and unfaithful church.


Msgr. Charles Lienert, Pastor, St. Andrew Catholic Church


One Spirit~One Call provides a powerful opportunity to work toward justice for all women in the Church and promote needed change in the Church’s institutions.  I support the commitment of One Spirit~One Call to work within the Church toward these ends through a ministry of support, education and empowerment.  Justice must be the concern of every Catholic.



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