One Spirit ~ One Call Circles


Purpose of Circles:


To create a venue for women to share their stories, pray together, build relationships, provide education, and exert leadership toward the achievement of equality for women in the Catholic Church.


What are Parish Circles?


Small groups of 6-8 women gather to tell their stories and share their vision of a renewed Church. From these small gatherings, OSOC Circles in several parishes have expanded and now hold regular meetings to pray, reflect, and take action on issues of concern within their parishes.


Invitation to One Spirit~One Call Circles:


We encourage formation of parish circles as effective grassroots forums where women meet regularly to work within the parish on issues related to equality and empowerment of women. The group chooses a facilitator to guide them in discussion and action. The group decides the agenda and specific issues.


Starting a Circle:


In order for circles to use the “One Spirit~One Call Circle” name, leaders are required to attend a short orientation to assure that the mission and goals of One Spirit~One Call are understood and will be represented. After leaders have received the training, the OSOC logo (copyrighted) may be used with permission.


Outline for One Spirit~One Call Circles:


The outline below is suggested for initial circle gatherings. When a group decides to continue meeting, a format and agenda suited to the needs of that circle will be developed.


  • Suggested length of meeting is 1 to 1½ hours.
  • Begin with introductions, including name, parish and reason for coming to the gathering.
  • Light a candle; open with prayer or song.
  • Suggested format: facilitator presents guidelines, asking the group to hold in confidence what is heard and shared, and to listen attentively to one another with openness and compassion.  Each person is asked to honor the group and their time together by limiting sharing to the time allotted.
  • The facilitator asks the first question for discussion, then models sharing (2-3 minutes each):
  • ~ What is the story of your relationship to the Catholic Church?
  •    No notes are taken during the sharing of stories. Common themes are then discussed, and recorded by a note taker.
  •  The facilitator then asks the second question:
  •   ~ What is your vision for a church in which women and women’s gifts are fully embraced?
  • Each person responds (2-3 minutes each). With the group’s concurrence, notes may be taken. The facilitator again asks whether common themes were heard. Themes are discussed and recorded by a note taker.
  • The meeting ends with a prayer and plans for the next meeting.


Suggested topics for circles:


  • Women’s involvement in parish liturgy
  • Women in the early Christian church
  • Vatican II
  • New Roman Missal translation
  • Discussion of selected books and periodicals
  • Children’s liturgy
  • Aspects of feminine spirituality
  • Issues unique to the parish



What if I don’t have a parish?


  • You may ask to join a parish circle.
  •  You may wish to join with others not belonging to a parish to form a new group.




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